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Ole Georg, Jutta Georg and Rex Harrison
  • Jutta and Ole Georg, at a Capitol Record's party
    Jutta and Ole Georg, at a Capitol Record's Tower party in Hollywood, shop-talk with Nat King Cole and his wife Maria about his newest album release.
  • ole georg music
    At a Hollywood party, Jutta and Ole Georg discuss the music score of "My Fair Lady" with the film's star, Rex Harrison.
  • Screenwriters, Jutta and Ole Georg
    Screenwriters, Jutta and Ole Georg, spending an evening with two-time Academy Award winning writer/director, George Seaton (“Miracle on 34th Street” and "The Country Girl"), as guests in his studio bungalow where he gave the couple advice on their latest screenplay. Pictured left to right: Producer William Perlberg, Jutta, Debbie Reynolds, Ole and George Seaton.
  •  OGM founders, Jutta and Ole Georg.
    OGM founders, Jutta and Ole Georg, enjoying Copenhagen hot dogs during a brief stay in their native Denmark.

OGM is the flagship label of Ole Georg who pioneered and introduced “Production Music” - a term used by music professionals and collection societies worldwide. With a vast background in classical music as founder/chairman of The Danish Youth Symphony Orchestra, and composer of contemporary music featured in award-winning Hollywood films and television shows, Ole Georg has produced every music style and genre known over the past 100 years. OGM records all its own music for all media worldwide.